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S N Name Paypal Cash Cheque
1 anonymous $1
2 Rajesh B. Shrestha $10
3 Arati Maleku $50
4 Namrata Mishra $20
5 Sav Shrestha $25
6 Iswar Shrestha $10
7 Radha Shrestha $10
8 anonymous $10
9 Prabin Chandra subedi $25
10 anonymous $10
11 Haylie Tamrakar $10
12 Rochak niroula $10
13 anonymous $5
14 Anjela Manandhar $25
15 Subin $100
16 Sangeeta shrotriya $50
17 Shalu Pradhan $10
18 Prerana Pradhanang $10
19 Pragya Uprety and Suraj Thapa $50
20 Rebecca Chalise $20
21 Kushal Pokhrel $50
22 Bigya Uprety $10
23 Durga Bastola $10
24 Gelmi lama $20
25 Diva Shrestha $20
26 Bhumika Regmi $10
27 Stephanie Sacco $10
28 Sharvari Karandikar $25
29 Youn Kyoung Kim $50
30 Bibek Karki $50
31 Monika Shah $30
32 Kaushik Chakraborty $10
33 Sara $25
34 Ceylan Oymak $15
35 Abishkar Shrestha $50
36 Shishir Adhikari $20
37 Shri llc $50
38 Bipul Pandey $10
39 anonymous $15
40 Jay Mainali $20
41 Usha Nemkul $10
42 Ajaya Sharma $50
43 amit bharati $25
44 Preeti Rajendran $20
45 Aman Shrestha $10
46 Prakash Lekhak $50
47 Dane Andersen $20
48 Naveen Shresth $51
49 Chandani Pradhan $15
50 Pravin $21
51 anonymous $20
52 Amrit Godar $25
53 Pradip Subedi $20
Total $1298 $0 $0
Grand Total $1298

WHAT IS #MadeInNepalChallenge

Made in Nepal Challenge is a Facebook campaign organized by Nepal Rising to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015.

The purpose of this challenge is to build local and global collaboration through social media platform to raise friends and funds as well as have fun while we support community resilience initiatives in Nepal.

We invite you to join us and be a part of this resilience story!


1. POST a picture of something you own that is made in Nepal.
2. COPY/PASTE "the viral message" with the photo. Include the hashtag #MadeInNepalChallenge.
3. TAG 10 friends and challenge them to do the same.
4. DONATE using the link on the "viral message".

Here's the Viral Message

I am participating in the #MadeInNepalChallenge to commemorate the 2nd Nepal Earthquake Anniversary.

This is my made in Nepal. What’s yours?

I challenge you to flaunt YOUR picture of something that is made in Nepal and DONATE to Nepal Rising. Your contribution will collectively impact 900 children, 1800 women and 2300 families in Nuwakot & Sindhupalchowk districts.

DONATE: https://goo.gl/uWCsAb
LEARN MORE: www.nepalrising.org/MadeInNepalChallenge

I challenge you to be a part of the #MadeInNepalChallenge 
#NepalRising #BeAPartOfTheResilienceStory #NepalEarthquake2015



  1. School Rebuilding Projects x3
  2. Community Farming Projects
  3. Women Entrepreneurship Project
  4. Tablet for Resilience Project


Bag Bachala Primary School
Baanspani, Khadgabhanjyang VDC - 3, Nuwakot

  • Bag Bachhala Primary School serves around 75 children from play group to grade three, predominantly from the Tamang community
  • It has the highest number of student volume in the foundational primary school.
  • The school has played a significant role in providing primary education to the children of Khadgabhanjyang VDC.
  • Khadgabhanjyang VDC has four major communities namely, Baaspani, Kuwapani, Chilaaune, and Kamalbaari
  • It has approximately 130 households with a total population of 500 who are the direct beneficiaries of the primary school.
  • The goal of this school rebuilding project is to provide quality education to the children of Khadgabhanjyang VDC through creation of student friendly permanent learning space.
  • We expect 150 students each year to benefit from this project.


Project Haibung
Mahadevstan Secondary School, Haibung, Sindupalchowk

  • Project Haibung is a collaborative school rebuilding initiative of Nepal Rising with Nepal Rising Fairfax and team members in the US, Sydney, Australia and in Nepal to rebuild Mahadevstan School.
  • It is the largest school  in Haibung VDC in Sindupalchowk district,  which was reduced to rubble during the earthquake.
  • Currently, around 720 children currently have no access to education, raising concerns regarding their security and academic future.

More information: http://www.nepalrising.org/news/project-haibung

Neel Saraswati School Phase II
Gorshyang-8, Nuwakot

  • The first phase of building reconstruction of Neel Saraswati School has been completed and the children have a safe learning space.
  • For Phase II, we are adding additional earthquake resistant classrooms, building a wall surrounding the school, gutter installation on roofs and water tanks, gardening area, water station and and a playground for children.
  • We are also looking into adding additional computers to their computer lab.

More Information: http://www.nepalrising.org/news/nepal-school-rebuilding-project

Sustainable Community Farming Project  - Seeds for Resilience

  • Food insecurity has been one of the major repercussions of the earthquake in Nepal.
  • Our sustainable community farming projects in Nuwakot and outskirts of Kathmandu valley are supporting women to address food security issues in their local communities.
  • We are committed to supporting 15 greenhouses that will support 1800 households, producing 45 tons of produce per year impacting more than 9000 individuals.
  • These projects are providing leadership trainings to women and assisting them in the construction of greenhouse nurseries.
  • The projects provide: 17 varieties of non-GMO seeds that can be cultivated during monsoon and post monsoon seasons; micro-organism-enriched compost (Trichocompost) for healthy seedings; on-site training to farmers by seed farming experts on seedling production, integrated pest management, crop management and post-harvest handling.
  • So far, we have completed 2 pilot phases of this project and want to expand this to 5 different areas targeting women and leadership.

More information: Suryamati VDC, Nuwakot and Dakshinkali VDC.


Women Entrepreneurship Project

  • Nepal Rising is supporting women entrepreneurs to help expand their businesses and create bigger economic ripple effects across their communities.
  • We are partnering with our sister organization Daayitwa,  in the Women Rural Entrepreneurship Acceleration Project (WREAP).
  • Currently, we are supporting top 5 women entrepreneurs in the WREAP program in Palpa.
  • We want to support 20 women entrepreneurs this year.

More Information: http://nepalrising.org/news/wreap-palpa

Tablet for Resilience

Two years after the earthquake, children in many areas still do not have a safe space to learn. Further, the earthquake has taken an emotional toll among children in Nepal. The purpose of the project therefore, is to provide a technology-based solution targeted to children, through a tablet project "Tablet for Resilience", in two earthquake affected schools in Nuwakot district in Nepal.

The goals of the project are to:

  1. Reduce the mental health burden of the earthquake among children
  2. Positively influence their cognitive and social development through touchscreen solution
  3. Promote their ability to learn more efficiently in the classroom. Potential impact of this project will also have ripple effects among school teachers, parents, and the entire community.

The proposed project is targeted to reach approximately 300 children and 500 families in Nuwakot.

Since technology-based solutions have been showing a tremendous potential value to reduce mental health burden, we believe schools to be an ideal setting to implement intervention targeted to address trauma among children. The proposed school-based technological intervention will support trauma-related psychological problems among children and positively impact their ability to learn in the classroom. After the successful completion of this two-year pilot project, we hope to replicate it to other schools in Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk districts.