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S N Name Paypal Cash Cheque
1 NR NYC Team $623
2 anonymous $100
3 Pushpa (Go fund collected) $202
4 Saurav Shrestha $1
5 anonymous $100
6 David Wassong $1000
7 Joshua Ho-Walker $100
8 Ravi Yadav $1000
9 Asif Dhanani $50
10 Jenny Wang $100
11 Jemma Wolfe $100
12 kelsey mrkonic $50
13 Joanne Jennett $100
14 Alejandro Hines $75
15 Kevin O'Connor $50
16 Martha Rawlings Long $25
17 Ross Jagar $100
18 Andrea Kiely $50
19 Gannon McCaffery $100
20 Caleb David $100
21 Piers Nickolds $50
22 Graham Brandt $50
23 anonymous $20
24 Anushka Gupta $50
25 Alexandra Kessel $20
26 Julia Servera $20
27 Alexa Francoz $50
28 anonymous $10
29 Alexandra Murray $100
30 Jessica Zhao $50
31 Joe Hall $100
32 Dev Chen $200
33 Jessica Strumeyer $50
34 anonymous $200
35 Sharmila subedi $50
36 Kyle Deombeleg $30
37 Timur Kocaoglu $100
39 Nick Kallenberg $200
40 Richard Kallenberg and Karen Fox $200
41 anonymous $500
42 Lynn Lee $50
43 Matt Gilbert $20
44 joshua c block $100
45 Mike Siegel $500
46 Bradley Wallace $30
47 T Clark Munnell Jr $100
Total $6278 $623 $0
Grand Total $6901


Our team comprises students and young professionals. We are expanding the circle of core/supportive members and extending collaboration with universities and organizations based in New York. If you want to learn more about us and our ongoing and future projects, please contact:

Prabin Chandra Subedi (subediprabin@gmail.com)


Amit Bharati, amitrb.web@gmail.com 

Arya Bhattarai, aryabh93@gmail.com 

Dipika Shrestha, dipikaphotography@gmail.com 

Liza Paudel, paudel.liza@gmail.com

Prabin Chandra Subedi, subediprabin@gmail.com

Pravin Paudel, paudelpravin256@gmail.com 

Rashik Adhikari, rashik.adhikari@gmail.com 

Rajat Thapa, thapa.rajat@gmail.com

Shankar Parajuli, sparaj02@gmail.com

Sudarshan Karki, nahsradus@gmail.com



Daayitwa (www.daayitwa.org)

Eutai Mala Nepali (http://eutaimalanepali.org/)

Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal US (http://www.friendsofvin.org/)

N-Agro (http://nagrofarm.com)



  1. Climbing to Everest Base Camp for Nepalese Children
    Our friends (Gabriel Rodrigues, John Lee, Kevin Song, and Rashik Adhikari) will be setting off on May 14th for a 12-day trek to Everest Base Camp. They aim to collectively raise $17,600, a dollar for every foot of Everest Base Camp that they will climb and enough to provide a year-long school supplies for 176 earthquake affected school children. View Details
  2. Seeds for Resilience: A Sustainable Community farming Project

    Together with other Nepal Rising teams, we are raising funds to support rural farmers in three communities. Partnering with N-AGRO, (http://nagrofarm.com) we help local farmers in building five sustaniable bamboo green houses (pest-free Nursery) with local resources and participation, provide disease resistant improved seeds, and train farmers for:
    (i) seedling production,
    (ii) drip Irrigation system for greenhouse,
    (iii) crop management, and
    (iv) post harvest handling/marketing.

    Three such projects will produce up to 3 tons of vegetable per household per year and will support 450 to 600 households. Our project recognizes the natural environment of the community as assets and engages the community to foster local leadership development, entrepreneurship, and increase community capacity towards building and supporting community resilience.

    To learn more and to support: (http://www.nepalrising.org/1dollarchallenge.html)

  3. Stories of Resilience
    Liza Paudel and Dipika Shrestha coordinate with Nepal Rising Communication team to collect and promote stories of resilience.
    Please follow the stories here https://www.facebook.com/TheNepalRising/ 

    In illustrating the goal of this initiative, the team writes, “We have all been touched by the Nepal Earthquake that took place on April 25, 2015 in some way. While some of us lost our loved ones, others witnessed the tragedy first hand. Some of us that are away from Nepal lived through a roller coaster of emotions. Amid all the challenges, hope lived in the resilience of the Nepali people to rise from the rubble stronger and united, to rebuild our nation together. Hope also lived in the warm affection of all friends of Nepal around the world who came together in kinship to share this tragedy that shook Nepal. At the wake of the first anniversary of this earthquake, when most of us have barely begun to process our sense of unambiguous loss, we also see a perfect opportunity to heal, to hope, to thrive, and to dream of a resilient Nepal. As we commemorate this earthquake anniversary, we share our own stories of resilience and bolster our conviction for a resilient Nepal. We encourage you to join hands with us, share your experience, and be a part of the resilience story.”

    If you want to learn more about this project or want to share your story, please contact Liza Paudel, paudel.liza@gmail.com


In partnership with Daayitwa (www.daayitwa.org), we aim to facilitate and support US/Nepal based colleges/university students’ involvement in rebuilding and resilience initiatives in Nepal. To learn more about this evolving project, please contact Prabin Chandra Subedi, subediprabin@gmail.com 



  1. I Am No Bystander - Nepal Earthquake Relief Campaign (https://www.facebook.com/groups/562839563858349/)
    Immediately after the Nepal Earthquake, New York team members participated in this campaign. We raised $5,577 to support 18 different relief works in earthquake-affected districts from May - August 2015.  Please click to learn more about our relief efforts (https://www.facebook.com/groups/562839563858349/)

  2. Shree Baraha Primary School Furniture Supplies
    Along with the Daayitwa team, Nepal Rising Austin, and Nepal Rising Colorado, the New York teamis providing funds for school supplies and furniture for the students in Shree Baraha Primary School, Saurpani VDC in Gorkha.