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Rally For Nepal on 22nd May

Rally For Nepal on 22nd May

Rally For Nepal on 22nd May

The Dallas team of Nepal Rising Campaign is organizing a Rally for Nepal to come together to join forces and embrace hope and responsibility to build community resilience in Nepal.  The event will have informational material about the earthquake, videos, t-shirts and activities like face painting & heenah.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Fahim Rahim, an Idaho based Nephrologist will be sharing his insights and experiences. He  just returned to the United States after spending two weeks in Nepal helping with the relief efforts in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake that ravaged the country.

Event Details

5-7:00 :: Registration. Information on Nepal earthquake. Face painting/heena on the side

7:00-7:30::: Nepal Rising campaign launch- small speech, moment of silence, promotional videos. Nepali and US national anthem. 

7:30 – 8:30 :::: Silent march around the park and a couple blocks around the area. 

8:30 – 9:30 :::: Musical event – Some patriotic and motivational songs (few English and Nepali songs)

9:30 – 10 :::: Thank you note