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Community Water and Sanitation

Community Water and Sanitation

Community Water and Sanitation

Rampurwa VDC, Bara

Construction of family toilets throughout the VDC leading to Open-defecation-free (ODF) declaration with Living Earth Institute (LEI), Seattle 
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Project Type
Building Toilets

Project Status

Project Cost
USD $23,000 (approx) @ $200 per toilet

Funds Raised by NR
USD $3,000 (for 15 toilets)


Collaborating Partners
1. Nepal Rising - Seattle: $1,400
2. Tatoosh Family Hiking Group: $1,600
3. LEI: $20,000 

Implementation Partner
LEI/Bikash Bikalpa Sanstha (BBS)


Project Milestones
July 30 2017 - Declaration of the entire Rampurwa VDC ODF
Mar 2017 - Construction of 115 toilets completed
Jan 2017 - Start of project in 2017
May 2014 - 3 out of 8 villages in Rampurwa declared ODF

Population served: 115 households (762 individuals)

Project Goals

Construction of 115 toilets in 2017 and subsequent declaration of ODF for the VDC, as part of LEI's master plan to construct more than 840 toilets over the past 8 years


Project Timeline
7 months

Community Participation
Labor and "housing" for the toilet


  • The funds provided by NRS was initially targeted for the construction of 2 tube wells and 5 toilets. Due to the change in demand for tube wells in the community, all funds allocated by NRS were redirected to building additional toilets instead.




July 30 2017: ODF Declaration Ceremony

March 2017: Newly constructed toilets in Katti and Mathwa villages of Rampurwa VDC