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Women's Entrepreneurship Program - Palpa

Women's Entrepreneurship Program - Palpa

Women's Entrepreneurship Program - Palpa

Palpa, Nepal


The project supports the top women entrepreneurs selected through a district-wide enterprise challenge to expand their businesses and business potential, and to empower them to create bigger economic ripple effects across their communities. Their institutional and human capacities are strengthened via grant money, leadership and technical training, and networking and civic engagement opportunities.


Our ultimate vision is to accelerate 5001 rural entrepreneurs in the next 5 years, among whom 2000 will be women. Through WREAP, we aim to build a national movement of rural women entrepreneurs, who partake in our vision as key development partners, not just as beneficiaries, but also as decision–makers and agents of change as they accelerate their businesses, and also participate in nurturing entrepreneurial communities for a thriving Nepal.

We believe that in order to successfully support the growth of  women-led enterprises, women need, in addition to access to finance, strong community network and role models. Our community-based approach to entrepreneurship, thereby aims to engage key stakeholders such as government agencies, banks, cooperatives, and civic organizations to collaborate in identifying, empowering and accelerating their enterprises. As more women visibly and systematically engage with key stakeholders, others will follow suit in a domino effect.

Project Type
Resilience: Women's Entrepreneurship

Project Status
Implementation in Progress

Project Cost
USD $24,150


Funds Raised
USD $15,840

Collaborating Partners
1. Nepal Rising - Austin ($2500)
2. Nepal Rising - Seattle ($2500)
3. Indiegogo ($10,840)

Implementation Partner


Project Milestones

  • September 2017*: Top 5 entrepreneurs selected and awarded NRs. 50,000 each

  • June 2017: 100 Days Leadership Campaign completed and NRs. 10,000 each awarded to Top 10 entrepreneurs

  • Nov 15 2016: Needs assessment of Top 20 entrepreneurs to guide the development of specific technical interventions and strategy for accelerating women entrepreneurship in Palpa

  • Nov 3 2016: Top 10 entrepreneurs announced and awarded cash prize to scale up their business

  • Sept 1 2016: Top 20 entrepreneurs identified

  • August 20-23 2016: Business model canvassing and book-keeping training to the Top 40 women entrepreneurs

  • June 18 2016: Top 40 entrepreneurs announced






Project Location: Palpa, Nepal
Beneficiary Community: Top 20 women entrepreneurs in Palpa

Project Goals

  • Business model canvassing and business registration training and facilitation

  • Needs assessment of the Top 20 women entrepreneurs to guide the development of specific technical interventions and strategy for accelerating their businesses

  • Design interventions to respond to the needs and challenges of the women entrepreneurs

  • Uddhyam Chautari on a regular basis (Focused on enhancing the local entrepreneurs’  network, along with knowledge and resource sharing)

  • Leadership Series (focused on engaging local government, business and civil society stakeholders)

  • Mentorship of the selected entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses

  • Targeted outreach via collaboration with civic organizations like women’s groups, aama samuha, single women’s group, women cooperatives, etc.


Initial Condition:

  • Women, more than men, are “necessity entrepreneurs” which means that they practice businesses in silos, with lower rates of return, lower capital, and in less profitable sectors than men do

  • Limited promotion of women entrepreneurship at the community level  

  • Unequal growth and visibility between men and women entrepreneurs

  • Poor networking environment and lack of technical support to improve their businesses



Intro Video by Daayitwa (4:00)



Jury Selection of Top 10 Entrepreneurs:

Daayitwa Women Enterprise Challenge 2016 - Palpa