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S N Name Paypal Cash Cheque
1 Saurav Shrestha $1
2 Arati Maleku $50
3 Linda Barnes $100
4 Shalu Pradhan $145
5 Bikash Thapliya $100
6 Janaki Thapliya $50
7 Shailesh Gongal $50
8 Khai Diep $100
9 jean thompson $500
10 Monica Shrestha $25
11 Jeshmin and Ajaya Malla $100
12 Cathy Sullivan $25
13 Jon Dawson $100
15 Sabi and Suraj Joshee $50
16 Paribesh Pradhan $50
17 Abhaya Shrestha $50
18 Marie McNally $25
19 Elizabeth Grimes $20
20 Pradeep Bista $100
21 Anup and Manuja Kafle $50
22 Purnima Sharma $50
23 Rajesh Bajracharya $50
24 Kirsty E $100
25 Samrita Dungel $100
26 Rekha Matchanickal $40
27 Kyoko Yamamoto Ashish Shrestha $50
28 Karen and Owen Jones $40
29 Suvayu Pant/Jigyasa Sharma $150
30 Mridula Shrestha $100
31 Sarita Lohani $20
32 shristi hamal $10
33 Shubhashis Gurung $20
34 Shobha Hamal Gurung $20
35 Pushpanjali Basnyat $20
36 Anil and Niva $50
37 Sequoya Lange $20
38 Bhawesh Sharma $75
39 Anuja Rijal $15
40 Mabi singh $26
41 Rachana Shrestha $100
42 Pranita Sharma $20
43 Jes Chand $25
44 MyPhuong Le $20
45 nazia $100
46 Araj and Arvin Shrestha $38
47 anonymous $50
48 Archana Joshee & Pranaya Ghimire $50
49 Anupa Shrestha $100
50 Kiran Chhetri $101
51 Jo An Viravong $20
52 Sandeep J Pandey $25
53 Surachya pandey $50
54 Adis Kunwar $25
55 Alok Shrestha $30
56 Pragya Rai $100
Total $3451 $0 $100
Grand Total $3551


Seattle Rock n' Roll Marathon/Half Marathon 2017

Start Line: Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium, Univ of Washington
Finish Line: CenturyLink Field, Occidental Ave

Course Map


Sunday, June 18th 2017
Start Time: 6:30 am


Run for Nepal Seattle Team:

  1. Arpan Pradhan
  2. Bipin Giri
  3. Jeetendra Shrestha
  4. Prerana Pradhanang
  5. Rajesh B. Shrestha
  6. Raksha Pant
  7. Ruby Shrestha
  8. Sabina Shakya
  9. Sanjina Shrestha
  10. Santosh Hamal

If you are interested in joining the Run for Nepal Seattle team, please reach out to us here.

Note: Runners pay their own registration fees. 


Supporting the following projects via Nepal Rising Seattle:

  1. School Rebuilding Project
  2. Community Farming Project
  3. Women Entrepreneurship Project


  1. You may not be running but you don't have to be just a spectator either!
  2. You are proactively making a difference in people's lives
  3. You don't have to be a billionaire to be a philanthropist! :)
  4. Make us feel a bit sane about running 13 crazy miles at 7am!!
  5. Earn good karma! We all need it. :)

Your donations are fully US tax-deductible. Donate here! 


1) Bag Bachala Primary School
Baanspani, Khadgabhanjyang VDC - 3, Nuwakot

  • Bag Bachhala Primary School serves around 75 children from play group to grade three, predominantly from the Tamang community
  • It has the highest number of student volume in the foundational primary school.
  • The school has played a significant role in providing primary education to the children of Khadgabhanjyang VDC.
  • Khadgabhanjyang VDC has four major communities namely, Baaspani, Kuwapani, Chilaaune, and Kamalbaari
  • It has approximately 130 households with a total population of 500 who are the direct beneficiaries of the primary school.
  • The goal of this school rebuilding project is to provide quality education to the children of Khadgabhanjyang VDC through creation of student friendly permanent learning space.
  • We expect 150 students each year to benefit from this project.

2) Sustainable Community Farming Project  - Seeds for Resilience

  • Food insecurity has been one of the major repercussions of the earthquake in Nepal.
  • Our sustainable community farming projects in Nuwakot and outskirts of Kathmandu valley are supporting women to address food security issues in their local communities.
  • We are committed to supporting 15 greenhouses that will support 1800 households, producing 45 tons of produce per year impacting more than 9000 individuals.
  • These projects are providing leadership trainings to women and assisting them in the construction of greenhouse nurseries.
  • The projects provide: 17 varieties of non-GMO seeds that can be cultivated during monsoon and post monsoon seasons; micro-organism-enriched compost (Trichocompost) for healthy seedings; on-site training to farmers by seed farming experts on seedling production, integrated pest management, crop management and post-harvest handling.
  • So far, we have completed 2 pilot phases of this project and want to expand this to 5 different areas targeting women and leadership.

More information: Suryamati VDC, Nuwakot and Dakshinkali VDC.

3) Women Entrepreneurship Project

  • Nepal Rising is supporting women entrepreneurs to help expand their businesses and create bigger economic ripple effects across their communities.
  • We are partnering with our sister organization Daayitwa,  in the Women Rural Entrepreneurship Acceleration Project (WREAP).
  • Currently, we are supporting top 5 women entrepreneurs in the WREAP program in Palpa.
  • We want to support 20 women entrepreneurs this year.

More Information: http://nepalrising.org/news/wreap-palpa


Arpan Pradhan

Arpan is a committed runner and experienced climber, with numerous long runs under her belt and having climbed to Everest Base Camp. This is already her third half-marathon this year!









Bipin Giri

Bipin is an avid runner and health fanatic! He is very much into Insanity and P90X! This is his first half-marathon but might as well be a walk in the park!









Jeetendra Shrestha

Jeetendra is a seasoned hiker and short-distance runner. He loves both summer and winter sports activities. He does not shy away from a good cause, including this half-marathon.












Prerana Pradhanang

Prerana is a passionate hiker and outdoors enthusiast! She is very determined and does not mind waking up crazy wee hours in the morning to go hiking, and then go for a a long run the same evening! This is her second half-marathon and is already yearning for more.









Rajesh B. Shrestha

Rajesh used to be a sprinter but is now more of a sloth! He is also a night owl. He has taken part in several 10K runs but this is his first half-marathon.










Raksha Pant

After a good long break and 2 kids, Raksha is back to enjoying one of her favorite activities, long-distance running. Raksha has run a few marathons for charity including her last one back in 2006 in Philadelphia when she and two other Nepali women raised $9000 in funds to support Help Nepal Network’s Sarlahi Health Post construction project.  Now Raksha is excited to run the hilly Seattle terrain to support Nepal Rising!




Ruby Shrestha

Ruby is an enthusiastic short-distance runner. She is also a dedicated hiker. Although this is her first half-marathon, she has partaken many short-distance runs.












Sabina Shakya

Sabina is an eager hiker and camping enthusiast! She is not afraid of a challenge, This is her first half-marathon but she is ready to bring it on!









Sanjina Shrestha

Sanjina is a keen hiker and a big fan of the Pacific Northwest! She recently took up running and can't stop. This is her first half-marathon.












Santosh Hamal

Santosh is a seasoned hiker and adventurer! A Satya Nadella look-alike, he has sled down and jumped off mountains in pursuit of many adventures. This is his first half-marathon but not his first cause.






All 10 runners successfully completed the Half-Marathon on June 18, 2017. Thanks to all the supporters, we raised a total of USD 3,551 from this fundraiser exceeding the goal of USD 3,000.

We disbursed 100% of the funds raised for 3 projects as follows:

1) Relief: Monsoon Flood Relief, Mahottari - USD 801
2) Rebuilding: Neel Saraswati School, Nuwakot Phase 2 - USD 1,500
2) Resilience:  Women Entrepreneurship, Palpa - USD 1,250


1. Due to the change in schedule for Bag Bachhala Primary school, we redirected funds for school rebuilding to Neel Saraswati Lower Secondary School in Nuwakot Phase 2 project, slated to start in September 2017. Nepal Rising Seattle contributed USD 8,000 altogether including funds raised from the Half Marathon.

2. In light of the recent massive flooding in Nepal, we redirected $801 in funds allocated for community farming towards Terai food relief instead, as part of Nepal Rising Seattle's contribution for Nepal Rising's package of USD 4,000 in funds to provide daily food supplies for 300 families in Mahottari.