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S N Name Paypal Cash Cheque
1 Rose A Skeels and Jeffrey D Skeels $100
2 colin carson $100
3 Shalu Pradhan (My Saarees and Gift) $100.07
4 Prisha Shrestha $50
5 anonymous $1000
6 anonymous $200
8 Alan Kerr & Friends $1351.17
9 Christopher L Thompson $300
10 Cheryl Scheuerman $110
11 Raksha Pant $20
12 HH Sale $1060
13 Rajesh Shrestha $100
14 Naven Shrestha $300
15 Santosh Hamal $200
16 Jeetendra Shrestha $100
17 Yadav Bhattarai $100
18 Pratistha Kansakar $100
19 Bipin Giri/Samina Giri $300
20 Ashish Dhital $100
21 Rajesh B Shrestha $100
22 Brian Booth $1000
23 AssureBridge, Inc. $200
24 Anup Raj Bijukchhe $180
25 George Adaniya $2485
26 Raksha Pant $200
27 Steven Goldman $250
28 Lisa Shrestha $100
29 Karleen McFadden $100
30 Mike Riali $100
31 Bina Bogati $75
32 D.Barrot $35
33 DAT Dental $501
34 Roshan R Shrestha $1500
35 Meena Dhawan $501
36 Annupurna Café $1800
37 C&K Mgmt Group $450
38 Inderpal Singh $1000
39 Raincity Burgers $500
40 Zen Travels $600
41 Everest Kitchen $200
42 Shalu Pradhan $72
43 Naveen/Sanjina Shrestha $300
44 Anuj Rajbhandari $40
45 Raksha Pant $100
46 Nisha Shrestha $51
47 Bipin Giri $200
48 Jyoti Rai $50
49 Prabir Shrestha $100
50 Krishna Sapkota $40
51 Gagan Cherty $50
52 Ratna Magarati $60
53 Jeetendra Shrestha $100
54 Buddhi Kunwar $50
55 Mala Giri $200
56 Ted Bashor $40
57 Tisa Shrestha $100
58 Rajesh Shrestha $200
59 Santosh Hamal $150
60 Microsoft matching donation $447.3
61 anonymous $72
62 Gates Foundation $4420
63 Rachel S Olson $500
64 Himalayan Corp $2010
65 Annapurna Café $2000.01
66 Himalayan Café $1100
67 Suraj (Mabi) Shrestha $38
68 Steven Frank Margo $100
69 Jason Hansen $25
71 Esthela & Hector Macias $100
72 Hwazan Buddhist Foundation $345
73 Third Eye Grill $105
74 C&K Management Group $300
75 Kham B Rana $300
76 Edward S. Moersch $30
77 Shalu Pradhan $151
78 Ani Choying Concert Proceeds $780
79 Gates Foundation (Matching Donation) $9000
80 Tasveer $250
81 Ram Sharma $101
82 Gates Foundation $5000
Total $7725 $2512 $39418.55
Grand Total $49655.55


We are a community of both Nepalis and those of other nationalities united by our love for Nepal. We want to help rebuild Nepal, share ideas and strengthen our bonds together. Our vision is to give back and help build Nepal over the long-haul.

We are the Seattle chapter of Nepal Rising, an all volunteer-run collaborative campaign administered by Nepal Ko Yuwa (NKY), a US registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 45-2734874). Your donations to Nepal Rising Seattle are fully US tax-deductible.

We are involved in 3 key areas of Relief, Rebuilding and Resilience as follows:


Balkhu Fire Relief
The massive fire that broke out in the Balkhu squatter settlement in Kathmandu on Sept 30th destroyed 40 houses. The families living there, including 40+ children, lost everything. Nepal Rising Seattle partnered with other Nepal Rising chapters and the local Guthi (NGO) on the ground to provide school supplies, uniforms and shoes to the distressed children so they can resume their studies. Read more...

Monsoon Flood Relief
Nepal Rising Seattle supports communities in times of severe need. During the massive floods in Nepal's Terai region in August 2017, Nepal Rising Seattle contributed funds to provide several weeks of essential food supplies for 300 flood-impacted families in 8 villages in Jaleshwor, Mahottari district, Nepal, working with Alliance for Disaster Relief on the ground. Read more... 

Medication and Winterization
During the medical crisis due to the blockade in early 2016, we provided essential medical supplies to 4 remote districts of Nepal through partnership with Medication for Nepal group. We also partner with  One Suitcase campaign to distribute winter clothing to needy children in rural communities of Nepal.


School Reconstruction
Nepal Rising Seattle is partnering with Volunteer Nepal National Group (VolNepal) in rebuilding demolished schools in quake-hit Nuwakot district working in collaboration with the local community and governing bodies. VolNepal is a Nepal based non-profit organization that has been doing incredible work since 2005 and has been focusing its efforts on rebuilding schools and communities that have been impacted by the earthquake. 

We currently have two schools construction projects in progress - Neel Saraswoti Lower Secondary School and Sita Secondary School.

Community Development
Nepal Rising Seattle is partnering with Living Earth Institute (LEI) to provide clean water wells and build family toilets in Rampurwa VDC in Bara district. LEI has built over 700 family toilets in 8 villages in Rampurwa VDC over the last 8 years and declared it open-defecation free (ODF) in July 2017. It is a true statement that without sanitation, there can be no clean water!


Community Farming
We are partnering with N-Agro to support community farming with the Sakchyam: Seeds of Life initiative to provide greenhouses, improved seeds and farming technology to yield more than 1.5 tonnes of vegetables harvests in a year to improve food security and nutrition to earthquake-impacted families. 

We currently have two community farming projects in progress - Suryamati VDC, Nuwakot and Dakshinkali VDC.

Women Entrepreneurship 
Nepal Rising Seattle is supporting women entrepreneurs to help expand their businesses and create bigger economic ripple effects across their communities. We are partnering with NR affiliate Daayitwa in the Women Rural Entrepreneurship Acceleration Project (WREAP).

We are currently supporting top 5 women entrepreneurs in the WREAP program in Palpa.

For more information, please write to us at nepalrisingseattle@gmail.com

Visit our Facebook page for Live Updates  



  • 40+ children impacted by residential fire in Balkhu, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 300 flood-impacted families in Musahar villages in Jaleshwor, Mahottari district, Nepal
  • Shree Neel Saraswoti Lower Secondary School, Gorshyang, Nuwakot, Nepal
  • Agriculture Cooperative Group, Dakshinkali VDC, Nepal
  • Women Entrepreneurs in Palpa, in co-ordination with Daayitwa's WREAP initiative
  • Sana Kisan Group, Suryamati VDC, Nuwakot, Nepal
  • DHO in Nuwakot, Dhading, Bara and Nawalparasi Districts, in co-ordination with Medication for Nepal
  • Sita Secondary School, Barsunchet VDC, Nuwakot, Nepal
  • Rural community in Bara, in partnership with Living Earth Institute (LEI)
  • Winterization Nepal group, in co-ordination with One Suitcase initiative

Map of Nepal Rising Areas of Engagement


NRS is committed to complete transparency in both donors and disbursements of funds (updated on a quarterly basis). We have disbursed nearly half of all funds raised and allocated almost 100% of the remaining funds so far, as of December 31 2017.


Click here for more details on the list of disbursements of the funds by project, location and date.




Bipin Giri
Devendra Manandhar
Raksha Pant
Shalu Pradhan
Naveen Shrestha
Rajesh B. Shrestha


Reena Karkee
Sagun Karmacharya
Jeshmin Malla
Sushileshwor Mulepati
Prerana Pradhanang
Subhash Prajapati
Sabina Shakya
Radhab Shrestha
Sanjina Shrestha
Sital Shrestha
Rajesh Surana
Anish Thapa
Hricha Thapa
Sanjeet Thebe
Badan Tuladhar
Shruti Upadhyaya
and many more


Jwalant Gurung, 3 Summits for Nepal
Maya Magarati, University of Washington
Roshan Raj Shrestha, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Seattle Half Marathon

A group of volunteers from Seattle and Vancouver, BC running Half Marathon in Seattle to raise funds for Nepal

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Nima Rumba Live in Seattle

Nepal Rising Seattle Benefit Concert feat. Nima Rumba along with Bijaya Adhikari, Himalayan Gypsies and other artists on May 7th

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